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Day 1 of Turbo Jam

Day 1 of Turbo Jam and sitting at 243 lbs. Today was not a good day. I quit doing the exercise video 10 minutes in and then ate a whole pizza. You know, the Tostina’s Party Pizza that’s always on sale or 4/$5. It was the triple meat one….Don’t judge me. Anyway, I still crossed this day off of the rotation calendar. I have to do the same video again tomorrow. Wish me luck that I actually complete it.


I am 5’5 and I am currently 248 pounds. I want to lose 68 pounds to reach my goal weight of 200 pounds. (I know it’s still consider overweight for my height, but I felt most comfortable at that size in the past.) Anyway, I plan on dieting and I plan on exercising for at least 3x a week. My family and boyfriend are my support system during this process. Wish me luck!


I haven’t fulfill my desire to lose weight yet. I keep putting it off after doing a plan for only two days. Maybe I’m not ready to lose weight yet. Anyway, let’s catch up. I now have a full-time job and is still a full-time student. I begin my junior year in the next couple of weeks. I now have a boyfriend. I haven’t had one for two years. He accepts my body for what it is, which is a first. Yeah, he’s a chubby chaser. However, he is a skinny one. One day he mention his “number on the scale”. I calculated the difference between his weight and mine…’s over a hundred pound difference. Yikes! I don’t know if I’m ready for the commitment to lose weight. I just can’t picture myself being as thin as I am now. Maybe if I had the support. I bought myself Nike cross-training shoe during the beginning of the summer and I bought Turbo Jam Fitness DVDs, too. Just debating when I’m going to start.

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